Should I start writing articles and opinion pieces in a different language? Maybe from time to time I should write in English or Francais, seulement pour varier, no? Je dois pratiquer le français. Il y a un année que je ne parle pas français.

It's known that writing and speaking English makes your content universal and that's something that, while it bothers me because there are more languages and I kind of wish it wasn't such a big deal, is true. Writing things in spanish, français or any other language different than english seems like a suicide for people trying to make its voice heard. While you can find success in your country or with people that speaks your language, english is certainly a better option to put your thoughts on paper (or on the web, for that matter). The level of reachability that english provides is in another league.

So, maybe, it may be a good idea to write my work in english. But then again, this blog is called Acento en la O which is an hispanic grammatical rule. It will be weird, right? So maybe just important stuff should be translated, like my programming posts (just one right now) so it reaches more people. Well, I guess I can do that...

Sorry for posting this kind of stuff here, I'm trying to force myself to do two things here:

  1. Write.
  2. Use my english so it doesn't get rusty.

Also, "La tregua" by Mario Benedetti — you should totally read that book — has inspired me to write some sort of diary so I don't forget things that I usually forget and so I can learn from myself in a retrospective way. I'm thinking that every diary post should have the date as title, but I haven't decided yet. Maybe in a few years someone could use the things I learned or that I have lived to improve their lives. Maybe it could save mine first.

And last but not last, I will try to use less tags for every post, it's getting out of hand.