Yes, I'm considering it. After being on Google's side for almost 6 years, this moment is here.

Since I discovered Android, a new world opened for me. I saw the OS rise at an incredible pace, diversify with new and more powerful hardware, how it suffered multiples redesigns to finally settle with Material Design and I changed phones to keep up with it. I've been here not from the beginning but from when Android was received by the mainstream.

It's has been a really great experience and even though I'm rooting for Android, I think it's time to look somewhere else. Basically my decision is based on the fact that the new Pixel phones will cost as much as an iPhone, but being honest I don't think they will offer the same level of quality given that this is a first generation device and Google will use this launch as a way to learn everything they can to improve the next generation but $650 dollars is a lot to spend on a beta product.

I'm curious to see what Google is planning with these new devices but I'm also curious about entering the walled garden that is the iPhone hardware.


As this is a 180 degrees change, it has its drawbacks. I'm considering a few of them and thinking (more like rambling) about possible solutions.


If there's something holding me back is that I'm totally invested in Google's ecosystem. I bought a ton of apps, movies, music and subscriptions in the past years and for me to now change to another provider doesn't seem like a smart choice. Of course, this can be easily solved by using Google's Play apps on the iPhone but the hardest part is losing all those great apps I bought and I wouldn't be able to use.

Anyway, I can see myself having an iPhone and not buying anything from their store for a year.

Supporting apps

I like supporting Android developers and giving them my money when an app is worth it but I don't feel particularly excited about any iPhone app. I have an iPhone 5 and I use it as much as I can but apps don't seem to give me the same level of excitement as an Android app. On Android, I'm on a few apps beta groups and I love giving developers feedback to improve their apps. Hell, I'm even a Google's OS beta and Developer preview user and I've submitted a few bugs. I know Apple has a beta program for its OS but I haven't heard anything about apps beta groups.

I don't want to be a null user. Most people I know only use a few third-party apps on iOS and they're Twitter or Snapchat-size company apps; I don't want that. I want to support individual developers, I want to help them improve and I want them to feel that someone cares about what they create. Android gives me that and is a feeling I don't want to forget.

Software limitations

Yes, iOS 9 and 10 have been awesome improvements to iOS and brought unprecedented openness to iPhone users but if you really think it's on the same level of Android then you really haven't used one for long.
This will probably be the most frustrating part of living with an iPhone for me, but if I do it thinking that it's a sacrifice and something better is coming... I would probably survive.

No headphone jack

... and the stupid dongle.

And, mostly, that's it. As I said, I have an iPhone so it won't be a totally new experience to me... just a longer one. Hopefully, it will be totally worth it when Gen. 2 Pixel phones arrive.