This is the first time I've been writing in this blog in the last 10 months. It sounds crazy to think that such long time has passed since my last post.

You see, time goes fast when you're having fun.

In the last 10 months everything in my life has changed. I got a job that I like, I traveled a few times, I've said goodbye to some friends and family and so, so... But, overall, it's been 10 rewarding months. I hope that whoever is reading this can say the same about the same period of time.

Anyway, I'll promise what I always promise: I will try to post more.

What I've discovered is that I don't like social networks anymore. I'm not a really social-network person and I don't understand how people can feel like they're bonding over the internet but they do. And, apparently, it's a big deal. But I've always felt that having this blog has allowed me to learn more about me. It's like becoming conscious of one's self thoughts and secrets... and you know what they say, "secrets make us friends".

Who will read this? I don't know. Will they like it? Who knows... Maybe one day someone will read something about them in here. But I will try to write more often. To practice my languages, to learn how to write - since I've forgot it already ; and to come to better terms with myself.

A toast for the next 10 months!