New car vs tunnel car wash

Hi guys, welcome back. I hope you’re having a great week. Today I just wanted to share with you a little bit of information. More like a warning?

You see, I’ve already share with you that I fell into the car detail rabbit hole as a way to cope with COVID and trust me that I sometimes feels like I’m putting too much thought into something not so worthy. I mean, a car is a car, right? It’s meant to be used and abused, it’s a tool. But I’m the guy who takes care of his things, whatever it is, so when you add that I bought my dream car – the car I saw the prototype of and instantly knew I was going to have it… You know the craziness it’s going to kick in. In the scale of bad things I could do, is taking good care of my car really a bad thing?

So, let’s wash it

Following that line of thought, before I knew anything about car detailing, I used to take my car to tunnel car washes assuming it was the best way to take care of it. I didn’t like washing the car myself because I was afraid to scratch it and I was also really lazy. Car washes are equipped, they’re using shampoo, waxes, dressings, vacuums, so what could go wrong?

Well, thankfully Jason from Chicago Auto Pros wanted to show us what they do to your car. He went as far as to buy a Tesla Model 3, polish it and leave the paint as perfect as possible and then put it through a tunnel car wash once to see what would happen. See it for yourself.

Now, he’s a pro and he knows what to look for. Could he picked a bad car wash place? Probably. But I don’t see any difference in the experience you get from any other car wash. Now we know what a tunner car wash does.

Escrito en Febrero 13, 2021