I bought my first crypto

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great day. Well, today’s post won’t be so complex or long, and that’s because I simply don’t want to enter into the intricacies of the whole topic, but as the title says, I bought my first crypto!

To be honest I was wary of the whole thing and I disregarded it because it seemed too complicated and for someone like me, who likes to obsess over every little detail, it was just a handful of stuff to check and analyze. But then, with the support of my friends Pablo and Edgar, I decided to ride the #Dogecoin train and ended up buying $50 dlls worth of the crypto. And to be honest, it was waaaay easier than I thought it would be. You just need to find the right app for you and game’s on.

Now, to be super clear, I’m not advising anyone to spend money on it. Au contraire, be cautious. As volatile as it is right now, I went from making almost $10 dlls in profits to losing $13 in the span of a week. For me, who invested just $50, this experiment has been a great learning experience and to lose money in this scale is not such a big deal, but I’m pretty sure you’ve read incredible stories of people who’ve become millionaires and some of people who lost it all. Obviously, you’ll hear more about those who won, but the risk is there.

After playing with the currencies and seeing how the entire thing works, I assure you: If you want to get in it, it’s fairly simple. I have now diversified my portfolio of crypto and, while I’m still playing with the same $50 dlls, I now own 4 different cryptos. I’ll just keep seeing how this all works and keep you posted. If you’d like to know more about crypto, please let me know @scaarg on Twitter. I’m starting, but doing research on selected topics so we both can understand it better is something I surely enjoy doing.

Have a great one! Oscar

Escrito en Abril 24, 2021