Elections in Mexico suck

If there's one thing I can tell you with certainty is that I am not interested in politics, at all.

Illustration of people voting.
Source: UnDraw, coloring by me.

I don't want to go really deep into the rabbit hole, because it's already pretty fucked up. I just wanted to share that this may be the worst election season Mexicans have gone through.

I don't usually vote...

And while that in itself is an issue, it's because I don't really feel myself being represented by the bunch of clowns that political parties throw in front of us, the people. I know I'm not particularly alone, since the past elections only had a 63% of turnout around, but voting really feels like the thing you've got to do because everyone gets mad if you don't do it and not because you care about where our country is going to. Not that the winner does what it said it would do, anyway.

This year, though, I will be posting my smeared finger to social media. Yay!

...But this year I will.

I will vote this year. I for sure will. Because if I previously didn't feel represented by the candidates, this past 6 years I've felt that one of the parties is actually going backwards. Of course, there's an issue with remaining static in place, or going sideways instead of moving forward, when you have a lot of potential, but there's an even bigger risk if the best you can offer is returning to places we have been before and the country needs are already over them.

Still, it doesn't feel good.

Here's the other reason why I didn't vote before:

It's always about voting for the lesser of two evils, never about voting for what's best for my country.

I think I will write about this again in about 6 years

When our duty to vote out the party that was supposed to fix what the previous worst party did calls my name again. Because history writes and repeats itself. You just gotta remember: this is exactly what happened 6 years ago.

And here we go again.