Joining the Mechanical Keyboard crew

Joining the Mechanical Keyboard crew
Photo by Sofya / Unsplash

So, this late month has been one of firsts. First Chromebook and now a mechanical keyboard. Man, dreams actually come true.

Now, I'm not joining as one of those super passionate mechanical keyboard enthusiasts with a thousand dollar inversion and colorful key caps and key switches – although, knowing me, I could easily become one of them –, instead I'm getting one of those consumer friendly options that may hurt some the feelings of the fans of good old best-typing-in-the-world experience. I got the MX Mechanical Keyboard from Logitech. First impressions? It feels really good.

As someone who learned to type in a typewriter during middle school, this is one of the most nostalgia inducing moments I've ever felt in my life. Yeah, it's good like that. Not the keyboard, per se, but the experience. There's something about the feedback you get from it that resembles a typewriter and that suddenly brought back memories of me typing with my eyes closed, calculating where my fingers were supposed to go and reflecting, strongly, on where they actually landed in hopes I didn't introduce a typo to my otherwise perfect typing exam. IYKYK.

I opened the box, linked the keyboard to my Duet 3 and got here. To write this blog. Because what else can you do when you get a new toy than play with it? It's late and I still have to find a way to get it inside my backpack and take it to work tomorrow. Will it fit? I don't know yet. Will it get me to type emails faster? I don't think so. But it makes me happy, and that's that. Also, did I tell you that this feels really good? Man, so good.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal, and a Happy New year!