Let's see if I can

Let's see if I can
Photo by Austin Chan / Unsplash

So, first of all, hello. I'm still here.

But, hopefully, this is a new start. I moved from where I hosted my blog — agaaaaain — just to have this. Let's get started, shall we?

Well, this is the first post I've done in my phone. Completely on it. And I can heard you think “Why? There's, like, a billion apps for blogging”. And, yeah, there are. But there's actually not many good ones. They're always lacking something. Good themes, a good editor, good mobile interface, good integrations... The list goes on and on. You can check them all out — like me! Also, don't! — and most of them leave you this feeling of “But...” scratching the back of your mind. And most probably, you'll never go back.

So, this is my compromise. I think I've found something I like. And I want to try and see if it leads somewhere.

I haven't wrote in this blog for a while, ’cause life always finds a way to catch up and I've been busy with work and also sleeping. I like sleeping. I need to go read the last thing I wrote to give you updates, that way we can catch up. There's some things I've learned and would like to share, and some others that are stored behind this huge forehead that just need to get out as part of my cleaning routine.

Bear with me. And take this as the sign you have been looking for to do what you've been wanting to do.