Palworld, what Pokemon should have been

Palworld, what Pokemon should have been
Source: PocketPair

Palworld is the best I've played in a while. I've spent a few hours playing it during this weekend and I cannot stop thinking about it. I just wanna play more!

I'm not alone, with over 4 million sales in just 3 days, this may be the greatest hit of the year. Shit, at this point in time, it's the fifth most played game in Steam's history by concurrent active players. To put it into perspective, if a couple thousand people start playing this game at peak hours it may beat Dota 2. And what's more impressive is that it's a Game Preview release, so it's not even the finished game. It also launched on Xbox, but we don't have figures for that, so we're only counting Steam figures. Quite impressive!

Honestly, I think this game is what Pokemon should have been, at least mechanics-wise.

So, what the hell is Palworld?

Imagine if Pokemon had an evil stepbrother who liked guns and shitty but dark humor. That's kinda it. It offers an open world, survival, crafting and kinda first person shooter with Pokemon-like creatures. Best of all? It's meant to be a multiplayer game, too. If you still need some convincing, watch the trailer below!

If you find that this attractive, why not give it a try? It's only 15 bucks. Also available in Xbox, with your Game Pass subscription.

As I said in the beginning, this may be my favorite game in the last 5 years. I love the Pals – that's the Pokemon-like creatures official name in this game – and how involved they are in the game. From being your companions to taking care of chores at your base, they're so fucking cute and functional that you'd have to be a soulless motherfucker to not get attached to them.

There are some refinements that could be done to make the game better, of course, but this is just a Game Preview. Imagine how much polished it will be when it launches for real! I'd like to imagine they will be quick to implement the player's feedback and improve seeing how it's selling like hot cakes.

So far, I'm loving it, and I know you will, too.