What I've learned after a few years using an iPhone

I became an iPhone user out of desperation, but I'm planning on leaving soon... out of desperation, too.

What I've learned after a few years using an iPhone
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I bet I can tell you this story and you can probably relate. I was cooking, everything was normal and under control, then I reached out for my phone –a beautiful Pixel 6– and when I was pulling it close to my body I felt it: It started to slip from my fingers. I tried my best to keep my grip on it but to no avail... It fell off my hands. I obviously moved my hands as fast as I could trying to catch it in the air like spider-man would. When my hand made contact with it I felt a little relief. And then the phone slipped again and followed the motion of my hand, moving like a projectile straight to the ground. It hit the floor in a corner and the rest –the screen– is history.

I was sad and looking for something to replace it ASAP. Then the carrier sales person told me "we have a sale going on with Apple products". We don't have the Pixel lineup of phones in Mexico, so this was as good as things were going to get. I got it, my third iPhone.

People with iPhones don't set up their phones

What immediately caught my eyes was the fucking mess the settings page is. As a self-declared nerd, whenever I get something new, the first thing I go to is the settings page. I want to know what are the options available, what's turned on, what's turned off and why things can be changed on and off.

I was welcomed by this huge mess. First are my account options, then my networking options, then the phone options... and then? What category is that? There are some Apple apps, but not all of them... And then my apps?

The settings page on iPhones is supposed to get a revamp with iOS 18.

What the hell, man?

How come no one criticizes the way you cannot change your lock screen image from the settings? You have to long press the lock screen and a new, different, customize menu comes up. Hey, do the same on your wallpaper and what you get? The widget menu. How does this make sense for anyone?

Notifications are a mess

I know most people with iPhone have never really used Android and probably won't use it in the future, but you really don't know what you're missing and how improved and awesome is the notification system is on the other side.

C'mon, grab your iPhone. Ready? Ok, open an app. Whichever you want, I won't judge you. Done? Excellent. Now, without moving a finger, tell me from which app you do have notifications. Even better, tell me if you do have notifications. Exactly, there's no way to know. If you're actually using the phone, you won't know if you received something else that requires your attention.

And the fucking notification grouping... What the fuck is wrong with you guys? You can have 2 different Instagram notification groups from the same person if they arrive at different times. And if you enter the oldest group, the newest group of notifications isn't removed. Like... What? And to add spice to the whole thing, some notifications may get into the Priority grouping, only to group other notifications from the same

If you received a lot of notifications, there's not a simple way to clear them all out. You can dismiss the ones in the Notification Center group easily, but the ones marked as Priority cannot be dismissed altogether, you have to go one by one.

Two Instagram notifications from the same conversation grouped differently, some in Priority and some in Notification Center.

Overall, I think iPhone users don't really use their phone

You know, I can go on and on, nitpicking at a bunch of details like these two examples, but I have a life and some other things to do, so I'll summarize it.

Honestly, I think iPhone users aren't really tech/pro users. Most of them won't bother to get more from the thing they bought. They just want to grab it, confirm it has all their contacts and move on with life, anything else is a waste of time. So, from my perspective, the iPhone is now a phone I associate with laziness, disinterest or older people, and I'm starting to feel the same way from the people put in charge of them. Tim Cook and company were known to be really good corporate guys, supply chain specialists that can squeeze profits, but not really inspire something big to happen in the iPhone or its OS. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the real reason some of its most renown designers are leaving the company.

Another long-tenured Apple designer is leaving the company.
Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg that Bart Andre, Apple’s “longest-service industrial designer” who helped run the team after Evans Hankey exited, has announced he’s leaving too. Andre, like Hankey and several others who have departed from the team that now reports to Apple COO Jeff Williams, worked closely with chief design officer Jony Ive until he left, and started his Lovefrom design firm in 2019.

There's a saying in Mexico that goes: "Pero quien soy yo para juzgar" and translates to "Who am I to judge it", but it's often used after you prejudge something and next complain about it for a while. I've been feeling like this for a while and I feel my time to move back to the more dynamic OS is nigh.

At the end of the day, choose what's better for you, right? There's nothing wrong about not caring about tech.