SOTW1024 Isaac App "Dance With Demons"

Isaac App with another banger. It's been on rotation in AELO non-stop since release.

SOTW1024 Isaac App "Dance With Demons"
Source: YouTube Channel

Sorry not sorry guys, but this week we got our song of the week earlier. I felt it in my bones when the melody started, then Isaac started rapping and I was sold.

This may not be for everybody. To be honest, it is not a genre I usually listen to, but when Isaac App releases something I'm sure to hear it and it always makes the cut. I even have a rap playlist that is most of his songs and then some random songs that YouTube Music recommends after him that I find cool.

Isaac's songs have been featured as songs of the week before, so if you can look into that –I provide a little bit of background on him, too– and you can always listen to more of his work on all streaming services. Just know this: He doesn't have a label or agent. He's making all the music by himself. He's recorded, produced and released 2 (!) whole albums and multiple singles. He makes his own music videos. He is a retired Rocket League pro. He also casts RL games and streams on Twitch. Quite talented, if you ask me.

Anyway, please listen to this. And dance to it. I did it while making breakfast and it's a vibe. For sure.

Lyrics (via Genius, by Isaac App himself)

I can see the whole future from right where I’m sittin
The bars main stage and the village still hidden
The odds stain the game but I’m still tryna sub in
And my dreams excel to more than make a living
Tight funds on my back, burning cash not my MO
Light fun, when outrap onna 4 second demo
That’s a 4 second memo that they really can’t fuck wit me
And I never sold my craft for the luxury
The draft came through and of course they overlookin me
#1, give it time, and they gon’ clap for me
The hero unsung, so I sang my own melody
Shit, sеt in stone, imma guarantee
I still find pity when I see regrеts reach you
That confidence, and my girl in lingerie, see through
We 2 minutes in she show it all, movie preview
I been around the world and it’s all how you construe
The concept of living a 9-5 consumes
And the con is my time gonna conclude
Why would I convoy to help another dream out?
I see the contrast, let the brights beam out
6 AM I write a verse wit the sunrise
As it falls, I replace wit a blunt high
All my peers are fake deep, shit it’s knee high
I know my life started when I didn’t suicide
Broadway exit, one turn away
But I still chose 02 I breathe today
Elastic ways, I bend stretch still I stay
On a path muhfuckas wouldn’t dare to take
I dance with demons and I shit talk with satan
Found my hope when I saw I’m forsaken
Won't take abuse lying down you mistaken
Ain’t there for the weigh in then I’m quick for the way out
40 tons on my shoulder tryna get a payout
Every second, layover, I’m thinkin bout the layout
Readjust my trust, ideas, and the movement
Near impossible to plan for the future in the moment
Back and forth between a conscious state
Am i destined for more than a promised fate
Where my goals cascade and my dreams are fake
Then I flip right back, I’m invincible
Wit immortal taste, and I don’t feel the haste
I live for myself and myself wanna live
And it’s all of me that i don't fucking give
I never forgot but i learned to forgive
It’s balance to breathing I’m here for the season
Said shut the fuck up that’s not for no reason
Ain’t dealing wit bullshit ain’t dealing wit treason
I seen too much it’s my heart that I’m sheathing
Said that you hungry I see it’s just teething
You ain’t been about this but me I been fiending
Family behind me it’s time to get working
My life boutta change and that shit is for certain

If you want to see more of him you can visit his website, follow his socials on Instagram or X (Twitter) and listen to his music on his Youtube ChannelSpotify and across all streaming platforms.