SOTW1424 From Indian Lakes "Runner"

From Indian Lakes used to play hardcore music, then Joey Vannucchi decided to make an album that sounded like you breathe out of the water or fall asleep for the first time.

SOTW1424 From Indian Lakes "Runner"
Credit: at Flickr

Nostalgia has been more or less the topic of this week, so why changed it when choosing the song of this week?

There's an interview with the band, where the host of Audiotree tells Joey, the mastermind behind From Indian Lakes, that there's a lot of relief on his album Absent Sounds. "Maybe that's why I love it so much", I thought to myself after seeing the interview. Then he goes to say that the album starts with a lot of tension and releases it and the end. Holy shit, why didn't I noticed before? This album has always been a comfort album for me. Whenever I've felt like things are turning for the worst, it's brought some quietness to my mind. The lyrics in there are so calm, yet so fucking loud, that you can somehow feel like healing.

The song of this week is "Runner" from From Indian Lakes. I've always felt a particular attachment to this song. I have really strong opinions and likings, and some of them have pushed things far from me. People, opportunities, etc. I'm also pretty stubborn–not a great combination, to be honest–and that makes me want to, and sometimes even motivate me to, continue without whatever I lost along the way. Growing has given me a little bit of perspective on why that may not always be the right thing to do or how to be... Most times, when it's already too late.

I think this song is the most tense of the album, but also the one that has the most relief at the end. Give it a chance, it may cure you, too.

Lyrics (via Musixmatch)

When you're old enough
When you've been through it
You won't know what it's like
You can't see things the same
But you're closer now

Did you close your eyes
Did I close them first
You weren't strong enough
I'm no stronger than you
But the years take their toll on us all

I'm starting to see why you drifted away after all
And no one explains to you where the things go that you love
Til they've already gone

You held on for us
The house gathered dust
We were selfish then
And we held onto things
But they've all gone now

Did I take too long
Did I ask too much
I didn't love you as much as I could
And the silence is killing me now

I'm starting to see why you drifted away after all
And no one explains to you where the things go that you love
How many times will I try to pretend that you're here
And I had a few questions I never got to ask you in time
Cause you'd already gone

I hope you like this week's song pick and it makes you feel like, as Joey wanted to, breathing out of the water or falling asleep for the first time.